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Roulette Number FAQ

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Roulette Number software. If you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact me.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Why can’t I use the Free Edition in real money mode?

The purpose of the Free Edition merely is to show you how this roulette system works, to help you understand the system faster and to recognize its potential for creating real profits.

Q: Why can I use the Free Edition at just one casino?

The Free Edition is for demonstration purposes only and that is why there is this particular limitation. If you want to play at more than 250 casinos then you need to purchase Roulette Number software.

Q: I’m getting the message: "European Roulette game of (Download Version) is not opened". What does that mean?

This error message displays when the software can’t find the European Roulette game of

You must not play Premium European Roulette game. Please check if you have followed all the steps listed in the Free Edition Instructions page.

Anyway you won’t have the same problem with the licensed software, because it shows the preview of casino windows and you can choose the game window. Also you select the gaming platform of the casino (it supports more than 250 online casinos) where you play.

Q: Is the Licensed Edition exactly the same as the Free Edition?

No. The Licensed Edition offers more features. It offers a wizard for you to configure details and gives you access to advanced stats while the software is playing. You can play with it at more than 250 casinos that use different gaming platforms.

Q: Will I be able to play with the Licensed Edition in fun (practice) mode?

Yes. The Licensed Edition will allow you to play using the software in both practice and real money mode.

Q: Can I let Roulette Number software work for all day long?

Yes. The software can play all the day. However, I recommend to play max 4 hours per day at a casino.

Questions about Software

Q: What edition should I buy?

All 3 editions offer the same software features, functionality and all the bonuses. The only difference is that each edition is limited to a number of online casinos where you can play with the software.

Standard edition supports Playtech casinos (about 100 online casinos).

US edition supports RTG casinos (about 80 online casinos) and BetVoyager casino. From all 3 gaming platforms, just RTG platform and BetVoyager Casino accepts US players.

Pro edition supports Playtech, RTG, iSoftBet, BetVoyager, PartyCasino and Microgaming casinos (about 250 online casinos).

Q: What does it mean I have N tries for the selected number?

The ball must land on the selected number in N (number) spins in order to generate a profit.

Q: What does "min bet" mean?

The minimum limit of bets required by the respective casino roulette table that you must place in order to play a spin.

Q: What does "min chip" mean?

The smallest chip size available at the respective casino roulette table that you are currently playing.

Q: What does "starting bet" mean?

The amount you choose for the software to play. The starting bet can be greater than minimum bet required, but it can’t be lower.

Q: Why is "starting bet" important to comprehend?

The starting bet will define the minimum bankroll size you will need to start playing. Playing 100 spins at a casino with a starting bet of $0.1 will require a bankroll of just $32. You can start playing at casinos whose min bet is 1 or 10 cents. Then, as your balance grows, you may either choose to increase your bet at that particular casino or switch to another casino whose starting bet is higher.

Q: How much money will I make with a starting bet of 10 cents?

When you play in fast play mode and min chip is 10 cents you can make between $110 and $160 per hour.

Q: What’s the difference between "min chip" and "min bet"?

The min bet usually determines the starting bet required, i.e. the minimum amount you must place in order to spin the wheel. The min chip determines the amount of money the software will use to increase your bet when the possible win won’t cover the previous losses.

Q: What’s more important, "min bet" or "min chip"?

More important is min chip. That’s why a casino with 1-cent min chip and 10-cent min bet is preferable to one with 5-cent min chip and 5-cent min bet.

Q: Why would I want to increase the starting bet?

Because it will increase the profit you can generate per hour. Anyway, I do not recommend playing with a starting bet greater than $1.

Q: What does the software do automatically?

The software automatically places the bets, makes the spins, reads the winning numbers and checks the results. Depending on the result of the spin it calculates what the next bet amount should be and proceeds.

Q: Will the casino be suspect that I'm using a bot?

No, because Roulette Number software is not a bot. So it doesn't interfere with the casino software and can’t be detected. The software is just pressing the "Rebet" and "Spin" button. You can make these bets manually by pressing the "Rebet" and "Spin" button continuously and thus increase the bet incrementally.
My software can also play at some flash casinos (instant play) where it’s impossible to detect my software.

In conclusion you are perfectly safe using my software on all supported gaming platforms.

Q: I have 100 tries and I win on the 97th spin. Do I still win something?

Yes. You bet on each spin an amount that will cover all the losses you’ve had plus make a small profit. So even if you only win on the 97th spin, you will still have made a profit.

Q: Do you have any strategy for choosing the number?

Yes. You’ll receive the How to Choose the Winning Number report which describes the strategies how to select the winning number. This report valued at $99 is available as a FREE BONUS to all the customers.

Questions about System

Q: How do I know your system can actually win at casinos?

In the Customers' Winnings page you can see the results my customers have achieved with Roulette Number software. Also you can check out the Proof Videos page where I show how I’m playing with my system in Real Money mode. And more to all these, I offer a Free Edition so you could see by yourself how this roulette system works.

Q: How does the betting strategy work?

You'll get detailed information on how this roulette system works as a free bonus gift (Secret behind the Roulette System) when you purchase your copy of Roulette Number software.

Q: How much bankroll will I need?

You can start with just $37 and for that amount you’ll have 185 spins at the casinos that have 1-cent min bet and min chip. As your balance grows you can increase the starting bet.

Questions about Casinos

Q: At how many casinos can I play with the Licensed Edition?

You’ll be able to use the software at more than 250 casinos on many gaming platforms. See a small preview here.

I continuously add more platforms so you can find the latest information by going to the purchase page.

Q: I’m from the United States. Can I still use your software?

Yes. I have created a US Edition for you and you can play with it at about 80 online casinos that accept U.S. players.

Q: Are there any casinos which have $0.01 and $0.1 min bet?

Yes. You’ll receive the whole list of casinos as a free bonus gift when you purchase your copy of Roulette Number software.

You can see a small preview of list of the casinos here.

Q: How many online casinos have a 1-cent min chip?

There are about 15 casinos which have a 1-cent min chip. You don’t need to search for them, though. I have already conducted that research for you and you will receive a comprehensive list of online casinos along with their respective min bet and min chip information as a free bonus.

You can see a small preview of list of the casinos here.

Questions about Payment

Q: What payment methods do you accept for purchases?

You can purchase the software using Credit Card, PayPal, WebMoney, Giropay, iDEAL, Alipay, PayNearMe (cash payments for US customers), Bank/Wire transfer,, Carte Bleue, Moneybookers (Skrill) etc.

Q: How do I get the License Key after I complete the purchase?

The License Key is sent by e-mail immediately.

Q: Can I use my Roulette Number license key on multiple computers?

No. One license key can be activated only on one PC. After the key has been activated, it can’t be used on another computer. So please register the software on the computer you’ll be playing.

Q: How to pay with Skrill?

If you want to buy Roulette Number software with just send your payment to my Skrill account: [email protected]. Click HERE to see the local payment options offered by Skrill.

Q: How to pay with Neteller?

If you want to buy Roulette Number software with Neteller just send your payment to [email protected]