Roulette System and Strategy to Win in Long-Term

Roulette Software

The strategy concept of roulette software is to bet on a single number all the time. That selected number must not be changed until you have a win. Now, it is unlikely that the number is hit on your very first spin. The ball may not even fall into it on your tenth spin. But what if I told you that the Roulette Number software is going to try that very number up to 185 times? That would improve the odds for winning immensely, wouldn’t it?

You’ve read that right. Roulette Number software is going to stick with betting on one single number up to 185 times. If that number hits only once, you are not only a big winner, but additionally also recover all your previous losses.

Consider this: a European Roulette wheel has 37 numbers on it. The wheel is spun 185 times. That is a multiple of five times the total amount of numbers on the wheel. It is safe to assume that on average each number hits home once every 37 spins, yet you’re spinning the wheel up to 185 times. That leaves you plenty of room for feeling confident that your chosen number ought to come up at least once, doesn’t it?

I even offer you proof that this strategy is effective by giving you the opportunity to download the FREE edition of my roulette software, so you can convince yourself that it really works.

How Much Does the Roulette Software
Bet on Each Spin?

Actually, you won’t need to worry about that at all. The roulette software does all the necessary calculations for you and decides on the optimal betting amount. However, if you want to learn how the software does this and what the exact betting strategy is, you can find a detailed description in the “Secret behind the Roulette System” bonus, which you’ll get for FREE together with your copy of the licensed edition software.

Why Doesn’t the Roulette Software Bet on
More Than Just One Single Number?

Many players tend to succumb to the idea that their chance of winning will increase immensely if they’re betting on more numbers with the roulette software. However, this is a wrong move if you want to win in the long term. Yes, your chances increase in the short-term when you’re playing multiple numbers, but short-term winnings can just as easily and quickly be lost again if you continue to pursue that betting strategy using multiple numbers. You need to concentrate on long-term winnings if you want to strike it rich. I will prove to you below through mathematics why that is so:

Let’s assume you play 37 spins and each number on the wheel lands just once during those 37 spins. You are betting $1 on number 0 throughout all spins. When the ball lands on 0 you’ll win $35 ($36 - $1 = $35). But you’ll lose $1 for each of the other 36 numbers/spins. That means that after those 37 spins you’ve ended up with a total net loss of $1 ($35 won - $36 lost = -1$).

Now let’s play that example through again. This time you’re betting on 2 numbers during each of those 37 spins. Let’s say you’re betting $1 on number 0 and $1 on number 1. When the ball lands on 0 or 1 you’ll win $34 ($36 - $2 = $34). But but you’ll lose the $2 total bet for all other 35 numbers. At the end of those 37 spins you therefore have incurred a total net loss of $2 ($34 x 2 - $35 x 2 = -2$).

We’re going to raise our stake now, shall we? Okay, now let’s say you’ll bet on 10 numbers during each spin of those 37 spins. You place a $1 each on number 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. When the ball lands on either of these numbers you’ll win $26 ($36 - $10 = $26). But you’ll lose the $10 total bet for all other 27 numbers. After 37 spins you’ve now suffered a total net loss of $10 ($26 x 10 - $10 x 27= -10$).

See how your losses mount the more numbers you play? It’s a mathematical certainty and the idea that the more numbers you bet on the higher your winnings will be is simply a misconception that doesn’t work. The unshakable fact is that you losses become exponentially higher the more numbers you play. If you bet $1 on 20 numbers, you’ll have lost $20 after 37 spins. There is nothing you can do about it.

It’s been proven through thousands of records that the above is true in the long term and of course under the assumption that each number really lands on average once every 37 spins. Betting on multiple numbers at the same time is a fundamentally wrong decision for long-term winning. The perfect solution, however, is betting on only one single number and stick with it. That's why you need to try this roulette software!