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Paroli Roulette System vs. Roulette Number System

The Paroli roulette system is a positive-progressive betting system, thus exactly the opposite of the Martingale roulette system. It also is really simple to use.

The basic concept of the Paroli roulette system is that after winning in any given spin you must double the betting amount used during that spin and use this as your betting amount in the subsequent spin. This must continue as long as your winning streak continues. But as soon as you incur your first loss, you must revert back to your initial starting bet in the subsequent spin.

  • The advantage of the Paroli roulette system is that unlike in the Martingale system you don’t face the risk of wiping out your entire bankroll within just a few spins (the Martingale system is notorious for its uncanny ability of annihilating the entire bankroll within only 10 to 12 wheel spins).
  • The disadvantage of the Paroli system is that your winnings only will go positive if you complete the whole current strategy sequence. Each time you fail to complete the whole sequence, you’ll lose the initial bet. And unfortunately incomplete sequences do happen rather often.

For your better comprehension of the Paroli roulette system, let’s look at a practical example. Let's predetermine that your entire sequence shall comprise 4 consecutive wins. That means that your sequence is only complete once you have been able to achieve 4 consecutive wins; otherwise your sequence has failed (is incomplete).

Your spin results turn out as follows:

  • bet 1 unit – you lose (total loss: 1 unit; in accordance with the Paroli system you won’t need to double your betting amount here, because this spin was a loss; therefore you again bet the same amount of 1 unit in the next spin)
  • bet 1 unit - you win (since this is a win, you now have to double your betting amount from 1 unit to 2 units, which you bet in the subsequent spin)
  • bet 2 units – you win (you had bet 2 units, and thus you now must double this again and therefore bet 4 units in the next spin)
  • bet 4 units – you lose (however, you already lost 1 unit at the very start of the sequence, thus you calculate your results as 4 units-[2 units +1 unit]=1 unit; your accumulated total loss thus amounts to 2 units [i.e. 2 times fail of completion of sequence])
  • bet 1 unit – you win (must double the next bet to 2 units)
  • bet 2 units - you win (must double the next bet to 4 units)
  • bet 4 units – you win (must double the next bet to 8 units)
  • bet 8 units - you win (you’ve completed this sequence, because you were able to achieve 4 consecutive wins; your calculation for this sequence is 1+2+4+8=15 units.

  • Your profit calculation is 15-2(the previous losses)=13 units net profit;)

    Despite the difficult requirement of having to achieve consecutive wins in order to complete a sequence, the Paroli roulette system is nevertheless quite popular, because it’s simple to calculate mentally the next betting amount. Some online roulette games even provide a double bet button, which simplifies things even further.

    How is the Paroli Roulette System Used in Practice?

    When you decide on using the Paroli roulette system, make sure to only place wagers on the 50/50 outside bets. That means you’re placing your bets NOT on single numbers, but instead on Red or Black bets, Even or Odd bets, ‘1 to 18’ or ‘19 to 36’ bets.

    Let’s use a Red or Black betting sequence as out next example to show you how that may pan out under the Paroli roulette system: Let’s assume the original bet is $1, and you bet this $1 on Red.

    If the ball lands on Black, you lose. The next bet is going to again be $1 on Red (you don’t double the bet when you’ve lost, remember?). This time the ball lands on Red, though, so this is a win. In accordance with the Paroli system, you’ll now have to double the bet, thus you’re now placing $2 on Red. If Red lands, you collect $4 in winnings (your returned bet of $2 plus your winnings of $2). You deduct from that the $1 you’ve lost in the previous round and come out with a net profit of $1.

    Tips for Using the Paroli System

    It’s not necessary to always have to bet on the same color. You can shuffle your bets around as you like, because it won’t influence the results of the Paroli roulette system. While doubling you can place the amount of your bet on other outside bets, like Red or Black bets, Even or Odd bets, ‘1 to 18’ or ‘19 to 36’ bets.

    Can the Paroli Roulette System Really Win?

    The Paroli roulette system is more unstable than the Martingale system, where your winnings are stable until you lose the whole bankroll. That might sound not very encouraging to use the Paroli system, but it also has to be said, that utilizing the Paroli system does NOT carry the very tangible risk of the user losing the whole bankroll. While losing spins will occur very, very often, all you need under the Paroli system are some winning spins in a row in order to come out with good, positive results. However, this theory is rarely achieved in real-life roulette play. The most you can hope for with the Paroli system is that after a few hours of playing you’ll come out with profits that linger very close to the zero mark.

    Why the Roulette Number System is Better

    The Roulette Number system and the Paroli roulette system are very close cousins in at least one respect: they both won’t wipe out your entire bankroll within a few losing spins the way the Martingale system is able to achieve so trustingly. With both you’ll have to incur a substantial number of losing spins if you want to force an annihilation of your bankroll; and which sane person would want to do that? However, here is where the Paroli system falls short of the Roulette Number system: under the Paroli system you can only come out with a profit IF you manage to complete a full sequence of subsequent winning spins. On the other hand, the Roulette Number system allows you to RECOVER ALL YOUR PREVIOUS LOSSES WITH ONE WIN, and even tops that up with a profit!

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